About Us

At a time when door knocking and campaign events have come to a halt, The Hooligans are uniquely poised to meet the challenges and demands of this moment.

The Hooligans are a team of diverse, experienced, and forward-thinking creatives who make emotionally visceral content that rises above all the noise.

Agile & resourceful, we are ready to utilize a range of unique storytelling & production methods to meet the needs of our clients.  There is no story we can’t elevate & no strategic objective we can’t deliver.

We use cultural tropes, original songs, comedy, parody, sentiment, animation, found footage - whatever it takes to:

  • Hit key pressure points

  • Create new entry points for audience connection

  • Disguise the Medicine

  • Move audiences to take action

Fit to handle fast turnarounds and high volume without ever sacrificing creative quality — We are strategic. We are empowering. We are unique. We are The Hooligans.

Meet the moment.

Origin Story

Trump created a seismic shift in American politics by bringing entertainment and culture into the political landscape in a completely new way. 

His victory sent a clear signal that Americans were not only ready, they were demanding that their politics be delivered to them in unconventional and entertaining packages.

The Hooligans Agency was formed to meet this  unique inflection point in political communications - one where the lines between culture and politics have been blurred permanently. Making content that  seamlessly blends these two worlds is the beating heart of our creative strategy.

Leadership Team

This diverse team of innovative, forward-thinking creatives brings a deep and wide range of expertise, and will stop at nothing to make fresh, impactful content that rises above all the noise.

Shannon Fitzgerald
Shannon Fitzgerald

Canadian born Shannon Fitzgerald started her career in London, England at the BBC. She later moved to Los Angeles where she built an extensive writing, producing and showrunning career in both the scripted and reality television genres.