The Hooligans is a minority and female owned team of diverse, experienced, and forward-thinking creative content makers from both inside and outside the beltway.

Agile, scrappy and resourceful, we utilize a wide range of unique storytelling & production methods to meet the needs of our clients. In conjunction with our national network of highly skilled storytellers and content makers there is no story we can’t tell, and no strategic or messaging objective we can’t deliver.

We are highly adept at handling fast turnarounds and high volume without ever sacrificing quality.  We are strategic, we are effective, we are unique. We are The Hooligans.

Trump created a seismic shift in American politics by bringing entertainment and culture into the political landscape in a completely new way.

The Hooligans Agency was formed to meet this  unique inflection point in political communications. Making content that  seamlessly blends these two worlds is the beating heart of our creative strategy. 

It’s not just the Trump effect. Americans are watching more content than ever before. From  Tik-Tok and  Netflix, to fitness workouts and the back of taxi cabs, audiences expect to be entertained with fresh, unique content anywhere and everywhere they live their lives.   


Political, nonprofit and advocacy communications are no exception! 

Is it really possible to make content that is substantive, impactful, yet fresh and entertaining at the same time we hear you ask?


Enter The Hooligans.

Our success lies squarely in our unique ability  to deliver the strategic & messaging objectives of a candidate, campaign or cause but wrapped in fresh, surprising and entertaining packages.


We call it “disguising the medicine.”


In-House Video Production


Video Editing


Graphic Design

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Motion Graphics & Animation


Original Songs & Jingles


Branding and Web Design