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Our original songs and jingles make a lot of noise - literally and figuratively. From parody and satire to hip hop and country, our musical creations yield serious engagement with a wide variety of audiences across the country. They are particularly effective at capturing the imagination of audiences that are traditionally the hardest to engage.


We created the Bear Doctor jingle to address the

Alaskan senatorial candidate’s low name i.d. recognition. 

After just 10 days, the campaign saw a  substantial  increase in

voter support, donations

and of course

Local and national name i.d. recognition

Midnight Sun

Raw Story

“Previous polling has suggested Gross’ generally favorable approval rating is hampered by his lack of name recognition. Thanks to the whole bear doctor thing, a flurry of last-minute supportive spending and a major influx of campaign contributions, his name recognition has improved as well as his standing in the race.”

Anchorage Daily

News (1)

“Less than a year ago, Gross was far from a household name. Now, Alaskans know him as the “Bear Doctor,” thanks to a campaign jingle heavily advertised on YouTube and other platforms.”

Anchorage Daily

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“Bear Doctor is a singsongy music video telling Gross' story, hitting on the Alaska characteristics the doctor has made central to his campaign.”

Craig Medred News

“No matter how well done, most political ads get old after you’ve seen them a few times. Gross’s ads were cinematically excellent, but after seeing him on the bridge of his gillnetter for the umpteenth time they got old, very old. If Gross was going to spend all that money to run any ad over and over and over again, he should have stuck to the goofy “Bear Doctor” ad.” 

Gross has gained a following with catchy campaign stunts including a music video titled “Bear Doctor.” 



“Alaska Senate is too early to call, but @DrAlGrossAK already wins the award for best ad of the cycle.

Anchorage Daily

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“Many of Gross' ads feature the bear reference, including the recently released campaign music video “Bear Doctor.” The bear story comes up in most national articles on Gross, and was featured in a recent segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.”

Alaska 9 News

“But in the conservative state, the independent isn't drawing attention to his own partisan leanings. Instead he's released an ad with a very twee jingle that doesn't reveal what he thinks about any policy. Bizarre as it is, killing a bear and catching fish is just about the most effective way of touting one's Alaska roots."

Bear Dr. even made it into the Urban Dictionary!